Bridge Kidz (walking to age 11)

The kingdom of heaven is theirs, and we make the practice for eternal worship of our Lord fun! Jumping, dancing, games, and stories are just a glimpse of this amazing ministry that imparts to your children knowledge and love from His Holy Word. While there is never a dull moment to be had, there are plenty of full ones that will leave your sweet little one's heart overflowing as talented, anointed, and dedicated workers help them to grow in Christ. Throughout the year you'll find great activities for your little one to join in, such as our annual Easter Sunday Egg Hunt, Vacation Bible School, and Trunk or Treat events.

Also geared towards our under 11 crowd is the Junior Bible Quizzing program. Through dedicated work, participating kids not only learn the Word of God, but also learn to decipher it, apply it, and compete with it. Compete? Yes! During the Bible Quizzing Tournament season kids will get to travel throughout the Louisiana/Texas area (sometimes even to a national tournament) to compete in a quiz bowl style game (think Jeopardy) with other kids of similar ages. This program not only teaches useful skills such as memorization, the importance of hard work and dedication, how to compete, and good sportsmanship, but also enables kids to form lasting friendships with like-minded peers from across the country. This combination of work, fellowship, and the Word can't be beat!